Technological Invention to fight against Global Pandemic Crisis (COVID-19)

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Every invention in the world derives from the necessity behind it. Scientists always focusing on human needs and requirements to make their lives better and easy. In all areas of development and research, scientists finding new and modern techniques and inventions to fulfill the necessities
          Nowadays a Global Healthcare Sector is facing difficulties due to outbreaks of the Global Pandemic Crisis. On that serious note, young researchers and inventors started to give their bit of contribution in the form of Technological Inventions.
Rayvon Stewart,  Inventor of XERMOSOL
Rayvon Stewart,  Inventor of XERMOSOL 

The Jamaican student Rayvon Stewart is one of the ideal examples of the Young Inventor. He recently invented the device named as XERMOSOL.

XERMOSOL is a device that uses the source of  Ultraviolet Rays (UV Rays) to kill bacteria on the doorknob. As a result, it is useful on surfaces which are frequently come in contact with human beings. It helps to kill bacteria on the surfaces exposed to public places. Stewart claimed that this device is particularly useful in public places, such as hospitals and health care facilities.

         Five years ago Jamaica was facing the consequences of the lethal Bacteria named Klebsiella, this bacteria also spread through direct surface contact by human individuals. It was noted as the lethal bacteria by health professionals and health scientists. From then Stewart worked on an Invention that helps to control the spread of harmful germs. Stewart focuses on the most common places where bacteria and viruses could easily be left by one person and picked by another directly

       According to Commonwealth Secretary-General Baroness Patricia Scotland, Corona can live up to two to three days on surfaces like stainless steel and for several hours on fabric, depending on factors such as temperature and humidity.

UV Rays

As a result, XERMOSOL performed with 99.9% efficiency in the killing of deadly pathogens during field and laboratory testing. It could also help to reduce the transmission of germs in other public spaces such as schools and businesses.

The Results of XERMOSOL
 The University of Technology Jamaica and The University of West Indies jointly performed several tests on the performance of XERMOSOL. Test results were astounding, XERMOSOL destroys organisms like  MRSA and  E Coli and destroys viral cells like influenza virus  H1 N1.
      Necessities in health care sectors are one of the ways which lead the health professionals and scientists towards innovative ideas and research. This Global Crisis results in the acceleration of all areas of research and development. 


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