Solar Energy : A Source of Tremendous Natural Energy.

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Nature blessed us with many of the natural resources, which are available in abundant proportions. These sources can be used as energy resources by collecting energy from them and store it for your future requirements. Renewable energy sources are the most advantageous form of energy.

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Among all renewable energy sources, Solar Energy is the most important type of renewable energy source. We can obtain an enormous amount of energy from the sun. This energy can be utilized to use for different applications. There are different technologies that can be used to harness the energy that comes from the sun in the form of radiation and heat. Solar energy is the most generous source of energy in the form of radiation and heat from the sun. This energy in the form of radiation and heat can be used or harnessed for various applications. 

The direct harnessing of solar energy is not possible, it requires some device through which we can harness it for various useful applications. Various technologies are developed for harnessing solar energy. Technologies for harnessing solar energy are classified as active solar or passive solar. 

What is active solar and passive solar? 

 According to the characteristics of the solar system, these systems are broadly classified into two categories.  

Active Solar 

Active solar systems are the devices, which consist of an element called a collector. Radiations and heat come from sun directed on these collectors or in other ways, collectors placed in open space in such a way that,  it directly exposed to solar radiation to absorb the heat and radiations.
This absorbed heat or radiations can then passed into the building or infrastructure through heat pumps or electric fans.

Passive Solar 

Passive solar systems do not contain any device or apparatus,  it simply consists of proper planning or orientation of a building or infrastructure to take direct advantage of solar radiation and heat. It is a cost-effective way for the use of solar energy.
As a result of the large availability of solar energy, it seems to be a highly appealing source of electricity. The total world’s energy consumption was 559.8 EJ (exajoules).in 2012which is far less than the annual energy generated by Sun which is 1575 EJ  (Report by World Energy Assessment)
      About 179 Pw (petawatts) of solar energy is transmitted by the sun towards earth in the form of solar radiation. This is a huge amount of energy which we can use free of cost. Out of 179 Pw, some amount of energy is lost into the atmosphere and we can harness the remaining energy,  which is also huge in amount. 
        It is an effective method of obtaining energy from the sun and utilize it for our needs. This source of energy is freely available for everyone and the cost of harnessing is much less than the benefits. 

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