Lockdown Cut Down the Electricity Consumption.

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       Today India completing a 1.5 month of government proclaimed lockdown. Since then all the sectors have been shut down,  except essential services. On the other hand essential services facing tremendous load. 
       India consists of big cities like Mumbai, Delhi,  Kolkata and Pune, and so on. Most of the areas of these cities are occupied by industries and trade organizations. These cities play a major role in strengthening the economy of the nation. Sources of income for these cities comes from revenue generated from manufacturing, trade, and commerce, The Indian government announced the shut down in all sectors from March 24, 2020, from then all the non-essential industries and organizations has been shut down. 
Electricity Transmission Lines

Generation of Electricity in India

          India produced approximately 97, 699 Gwh of electricity in the month of March 2020. After 2 weeks of lockdown, electricity generation is reduced by 19%. Coal power generation is reduced by 26%.
According to the CREA report,  in the month of March 2020, the power consumption is reduced by 22% in India’s  Economic Capital Mumbai. Total energy demand is reduced by 20-25% in the domestic and commercial sectors. Due to the electricity demand reduced by a considerable level, the generation also reduced to a greater extent.

Why India’s electricity consumption is fall more than in other countries? 

India’s electricity consumption is fallen by 20 -25%,  whereas the United States’ energy consumption is fallen by 2.5 – 6.9%. The reason behind that is the lockdown in India comply with intense strictness as compared to other countries. Even essential services are also operated at a very low level in India.
Lockdown in India started from March 24, 2020,  from then till today,  it’s almost 1.5 month period,  in which Indian government mandated strict shut down in all types of Industries and commercial organization’s. Indian government allowed starting the essential services from April 15,  2020. To this date almost 1 month there was a strict shut down in all sectors.
        Many organizations and companies started work from home facilities.  Health workers and health professionals facing inconvenience in this period. Due to the mass shut down, there is a tremendous decrease in energy consumption.
In India every year 41% of the energy out of total energy generation is consumed by the industrial sector, which means that the industrial sector consumes more energy as compared to others. Due to the sudden shut down of industries, the energy is consumed by essential services only. The amount of energy consumption is very less in the case of essential services,  that’s the main reason for the fall in the consumption of energy. 
            As energy consumption is reduced, energy generation is also reduced to a great extent. This fall in energy consumption also affects positively on nature. Due to shut down,  industrial pollution is reduced by a tremendous amount, due to this reduction in emission Air Quality Index (AQI) is increased.
Our capital Delhi,  which is among the most polluted cities in the world,  where the main pollutants are PM 2.5 and PM 10 are reduced to a great extent. The combustion of fossil fuels is also reduced to a great extent. As a result of a decrease in emission from fossil fuels, temperature and pollution also decreased to a great extent.
          Lockdown not only reduces energy consumption but bless us with fresh and breathable air. Urban citizens from cities like Mumbai and Delhi staring at the clear and blue sky and inhale fresh air.

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