India’s Stunning Global Impact as a PPE Kit Producer.

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Amid this global crisis a few days ago, India is facing many challenges in the medical field. A load of patients is increasing and the tools required for their treatment are inadequate. As a result of insufficient global supply leads to a strange global impact, India failed to import the essentials in the required amount. Among all the essential medical supply, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is one of the most required medical tools, results in huge global demand. As its demand goes on increasing worldwide due to which its supply becomes shorter. India was also to fall victim to this global impact of supply shortages.

In February, India was also among the PPE kit importer Countries. Due to the global supply crisis, India manages to import 52000 PPE kits, this amount is very much less as compared to the required amount. To meet the growing demand for PPE kits, India decided to produce PPE kits and India succeeded in doing so. India to take the help of local manufacturers to make PPE kits to fulfill domestic demands.

India’s Global Impact as PPE Kit Producer

India was facing a shortage of PPE Kit in February 2020, At that time, there was nothing a single local manufacturer of PPE Kits in India. Considering the shortage due to the stunning global impact of supply crisis India has produced PPE Kits in collaboration with local manufactures. Currently, India producing 1.7 lakh PPE Kits per day by increasing this proportion, India aiming to produce 2 lakh PPE Kits per day.

After fulfilling the domestic need, India seeking for export of PPE Kit across the globe. Till now 80 Lakh PPE Kits produced by Indian manufacturers are being delivered to medical professionals and 1.5 Crore more are on the way to dispatch. With this, India becomes the second-largest PPE Kit producer in the world shows global impact with achieving that success, And now Indian become the first reusable PPE Kit producer in the world.
By doing lots of research and development Indian scientists and researchers invented the reusable type of PPE Kit. Before that PPE Kits can’t be reused but with this research and development, it results in global impact and it becomes possible and easy to reuse the PPE Kit.

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