China Has Developed a COVID-19 Vaccine and Claimed a Successful Trial on Indian Monkey.

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COVID-19 Vaccine

      Coronavirus has invaded the world. The whole world is facing a global pandemic crisis. Scientists and doctors have been desperately searching for a vaccine to diagnose this disease for a long time but they have not been successful so far. But now scientists successfully found the solution in that. China has claimed a successful test of the COVID-19 vaccine. China has been testing various vaccines since mid-April. But the test results of those vaccines were not satisfactory. But now China claiming a successful vaccine trial on Indian monkey. 
      Sinovac Biotech is a Beijing based medical organization developed the COVID-19 vaccine, which is named as Purified Inactivated COVID-19 Vaccine (PiCoVacc). It is an inactivated type of a vaccine injected in 8 Rhesus Macaques, which is an Indian originating monkey. During trial after successful injection of the vaccine, these monkeys after 3 weeks exposed to SARS – CoV 2 that results in COVID-19.

Vaccine Trial on Rhesus Macaques
      After one week of expositions the monkeys who injected with a strong dosage of the vaccine have no sign of coronavirus in their lungs. On the other hand, monkeys with no vaccine dosage suffered from strong pneumonia. That means the vaccine worked successfully. Vaccine triggered an immune response to produce antibodies against the virus. This vaccine can also attack the normal virus According to a report published in Science Magazine on the 6th of May 2020, China is the 1st country that conducted the world’s 1st animal trial for the Corona Virus vaccine. During this period 11 patients isolated successfully from novel coronavirus. The vaccine triggers antibodies to neutralize coronavirus. Vaccine successfully fought against the COVID-19 virus in isolated patients.
COVID-19 Vaccine

Another vaccine made by the Chinese military has already been tested on humans. Currently, various countries putting their vaccines for trial- Italy and Israel also claiming that they have developed the vaccine for COVID-19. Advanced medical science and scientific professionals made it easy to get rid of this deadly virus.

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