Award Winning Invention By Student to Fight Against Global Pandemic Crisis.

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    The global health sector is going through a serious crisis. Several issues coming across health care facilities. Staff shortages and overwhelming patients load are the issues creates inconvenience in health care facilities
       According to health professionals and experts, COVID-19 spreads through the air, respiratory droplets, and surface contact. As a result of this, doctors and healthcare workers are facing the danger of infection from infected patients. On this serious point, scientists and inventors working on advanced technological inventions that bring radical changes in healthcare sectors.
COVID-19  Patient
Treatment of COVID-19 infected patients
        In this critical situation, various doctors and health workers are infected by corona on a daily basis. This becomes difficult for doctors and health workers to treat patients without getting infected by this deadly virus. To deal with such situations,  it becomes very much important to take the help of technology and innovations. Technological sector doing a great job to deal with this problem.
     Here are some award-winning inventions. These inventions, invented by the undergraduate pupils of the Moroccan School of Engineering Sciences (EMSI).

Inventions to deal with current health care issues.

African Savior

The name itself indicates this invention is mainly developed to save healthcare workers and professionals from getting infected from this deadly virus. African Savior is the most important invention which is invented for COVID-19 patients for delivery of the Nasal Swab Test Kits It is an app-based system, this means it’s very easy to operate by human individuals.

The main advantage of this system is, it can operate the infected patients from a distance which helps to save the health professionals from infections. The accuracy and result of this innovation are tested and live up to satisfaction. This ensures the treatment of patients infected by this deadly virus without putting health workers at risk.

Digital Medical Respiratory System
COVID -19 disease is also affecting our respiratory system. To deal with this issue inventors, invented this system. This system provides information about the patient’s respiratory system to doctors. By analyzing the information provided by the system, it becomes easier to adjust respiratory flow and pressure and being alerted during an emergency situation. 

Digitized  Medical Prescription:
This is one of the modern ways of treating patients out there at a distance. The digitized medical prescription called  “The Moroccan Electronic Perspective” allows doctors to use an app to send prescriptions directly to the pharmacy. To receive the medicines, patients have to scan their QR code to know their pharmacy. With an increase in difficulties, scientists increase their efforts towards finding modern technological solutions. Professionals from various sectors giving their active contribution towards humanity. we are blessed with modern technology and the professionals, working to find innovative technological ways. Whenever human beings subjects to troublesome situations, technology come to help us and bless us with a modern way to deal with it.

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