Amazing Inventions Of Great Nikola Tesla.

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Nikola Tesla was the genius scientist among all the well-known scientists, but he didn’t have a favorable environment so he was little known. The reason behind is he was not a native of America and on that time Edison and Tesla had become the competitor to each other. In 1886 when he planned for his solitary venture, investors refused to invest in his idea of alternating current, after that he came in contact with a patent an attorney who helped him in his work and when Tesla was working with Mr. Edison, he came up with many patents on redesigning motors and generators

Polyphase AC Systems

Tesla’s Polyphase AC Systems

In July 1888, George Westinghouse licensed Nikola Teslas US to the patent for polyphase systems. In the polyphase system, power transfer is constant during each electrical cycle. Polyphase system consists of three or more energized conductors with a phase angle of 120°for three-phase voltage. The Polyphase system consists of two or more voltages with the same magnitude and frequency. Polyphase is a word combination of two words in which poly means many or more than one and phase means windings. The power transmission by the three-phase the three-wire system is three times more than that of the transmission takes place by two-phase,two-wire transmission.

Rotating Magnetic Field

Rotating Magnetic Field is the greatest discovery of Nikola Tesla. It is the heart of Tesla’s induction motor. In 1882 Tesla was waling through the city park in Budapest with his friend. Suddenly he came up with an idea of a rotating magnetic field for which he was seeking for a long time. One of the best qualities of Tesla which making him Genius was he can visualize the working model of his inventions and this time also he visualized the working model of rotating magnetic field as an iron rotor spinning rapidly in the rotating magnetic field.


Tesla’s Demonstration of Radio in March 1993

Tesla created the first basic design for Radio Transmission in 1892. Many people don’t have an idea about the invention of the Radio, as we think Guglielmo Marconi was the father of Radio but Tesla developed the first basic design for Radio transmission and patented as a Radio controlled Boat in November8.1898. Tesla failed to prove himself as an inventor of Radio until 1943. But in 1943 US supreme court announced Tesla as an inventor of Radio.

Tesla Coil

Tesla Coil

Tesla Coil is one of the famous inventions of Nikola Tesla. It is a type of high-frequency air-core transformer that takes the output from 120v AC and steps up to extremely high voltage. The voltage that can be obtained from the Tesla Coil is above 1000,000 volts and produces electric arcs. Tesla himself obtained arcs up to 100,000,000 volts. Tesla Coils are unique that they can produce extremely high voltage.


After the damage of photographic film in his laboratory, Nikola started working on Radiant The energy of the invisible kinds and with experimentation on Crooks tube, he invented his own vacuum tube and found X-Ray in 1884 which was far before the announcement of Wilhelm Rontgen’s for the discovery of X-Ray in December 1895.

Death Ray

Tesla’s Death Ray

Nikola Tesla hated the idea of war and hence designed the rays that can help to completely warfare. The concept of the death ray is like an electrical fence that acts as a protecting wall for the nation to protect the nation from enemies and vapourises them away as they try to step inside. This concept of Death Ray was the big dream of weapon-making companies and no one succeeded in that but in 1934 the Great inventor that rays which he called the Teleforce and now it is known as Death Ray.

Tesla Turbine

Tesla Turbine

Tesla turbine is a bladeless turbine that works on the principle of centripetal flow. Tesla patented that turbine in 1913. This is called the boundary layer turbine because it uses the layer effect. The idea of the development of this turbine is derived to obtain the highest efficiency with a velocity of the fluid and the direction of movement of fluid should be as gradual as possible


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